Understanding the Different Types of Drug Test Kits

28 Apr

In most countries and states, there is the introduction of different tools that are used to check the level of illicit drugs consumed by an individual. They are commonly known as the drug test kits and they are mainly used by different people for different reasons. For instance, the employers, as well as the law enforcement and hospitals usually use the drug test kits so that they can determine the level of drugs an individual has in his or her body as well as identifying the type of dug in the body. Since most of the countries, as well as the states, have strict rules of using the illicit drugs, it is, therefore, necessary for them to look for the preferred drug test kit that will give them the best results for an action to be taken. With that said, there are different types of the drug test kits and they involve the following. First, there is the drug test kit with ten panel which has the ability to detect certain substances that are not legalized in some different countries or states. With this type of drug test kit, an individual can be rest assured that they will know the type of drug that an individual has used as well as the levels in the blood. The second drug test kit is the one that offers five panels which have the ability to ascertain less illicit drugs compared to the ten-panel DOT drug testing kit.

Majorly, there are those two drug test kits canada and thus an individual can choose between depending on the type of drugs they want to test. When collecting the samples, an individual should be careful as well as use the correct method so that they can get the best results. Since they there are different fluids that are used alongside the drug test kit, it is important for one to collect the right sample, for instance, there are those drugs that will require an individual to collect either urine or blood while others will require an individual to collect even saliva or hair.

Thus, it is wise for an individual to fast determine the type of drug that he or she wants to test then choose the correct sample to extract and use the correct drug test kit for better results. The drug test kits are available widely and thus, an individual will easily find them in the nearest local facilities for testing. Get more facts about drug testing, visit https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/welfare-drug-testing_us_56156d38e4b021e856d344cd.

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